Five Advantages of Virtual Physiotherapy

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We’re now a few months into life under COVID-19, and while we’re certainly hoping for a return to routine as quickly as is safely possible, some of the changes that we’ve been forced to make in our personal and professional lives are starting to feel a bit more – for lack of a better word – normal.

Some of these shifts are certainly here to stay.

Our virtual care treatment model, which began as a response to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting clinic closures, has been utilized by hundreds of patients since its introduction in March, and we are looking to continue with the program on a permanent basis once our locations are operating again.

So with that in mind, let’s take a look at five unique advantages of a virtual care model for physiotherapy.

Connects patients and practitioners, regardless of location.

The ability to connect with your physiotherapist from anywhere is a major benefit in a worldwide pandemic, to be sure, but it’s also an all-around advantage regardless of the global situation.

There are a lot of factors outside of our control that make virtual care a lifesaver: inclement weather, injuries, a car in the shop.

On top of that, we’re all busy, and sometimes life just hits you with those weeks where you find yourself asking just how you’re going to get all this done (or at least, get all this done and maintain your sanity). 

The availability of virtual appointments can help alleviate some of this stress while allowing you to get the same level of treatment & care.

Removes accessibility & mobility barriers.

An in-person appointment can be accommodated for individuals with physical disabilities or limitations, but sometimes there are still difficulties involved that may prevent the patient from getting the most out of their session.

Virtual physiotherapy removes these barriers. This is a significant advantage for individuals with day-to-day difficulties in getting around, as it can reduce added stress and help patients focus on the session from a comfortable and familiar environment.

Less stress, more focus on treatment.

Sometimes just the simple act of getting yourself to a scheduled appointment can come with its own set of stressful challenges.

As mentioned in benefit #1, we’re all busy. And on those days where a full 24 hours still isn’t nearly enough, knowing you have time to head home, take a breath and set yourself up instead of fighting traffic, worrying about parking and wondering what you’ll need to knock into next week’s to-do list with all the time you’ve lost.

It’s private and secure.

For some, the idea of a virtual appointment may be cause for concern when it comes to patient privacy and security.

This is not an invalid worry. However, patient privacy is of the utmost concern to all levels of staff at pt Health. 

All virtual care sessions are provided through a secure, encrypted connection, and only your physiotherapist will be present on their end of the connection for the duration of your appointment.

If you have any questions about the privacy of your appointment, you can ask your practitioner at any time during the session.

If you’ve got one of the following devices, you’re set!

Virtual care isn’t an overly technical process, and does not require any special software to participate. All that’s needed is one of the following devices:

  • Mobile phone
  • Computer (desktop or laptop)
  • Tablet (i.e., iPad)

That’s it!

Prior to your appointment, we’ll email you with all the necessary information, including a link to your session. All you need to do is click that using your device of choice and you’re set.

Book a Virtual Care Session Today

Virtual care may have been an initial response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but its benefits to patients have quickly become clear, and it’s a service that will be here to stay even as our clinics continue to slowly re-open.

Ready to book now that you’ve learned some of the key advantages of virtual care?

Visit our virtual care page and call or schedule an appointment online today.


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