Mentorship Program

pt Health builds clinical skills and confidence.


Do you want to expand your clinical toolbox? Ready to improve your clinical reasoning and differential diagnoses skills? Want to learn from a successful physiotherapist with advanced clinical skills? Want to know more about delivering evidence-based services and case load and practice management?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then entering the pt Health mentorship program is for you!

What is the pt Health mentorship program?


pt Health has a unique mentorship program that is designed exclusively for pt Health physiotherapists. This program applies to all physiotherapists who are hired to be a part of our growing team. Whether you are a newly graduated clinician or already have clinical experience under your belt, we have created a program tailored for your success.

Mentorship begins with one-on-one direct supervision by an experienced physiotherapist within the clinic. This gradually progresses to indirect supervision and consulting. Although the period of direct supervision may last up to six months, the mentorship program is ongoing. pt Health strongly supports professional development and therefore offers a generous education allowance to all of our physiotherapists. The continuous sharing of theoretical and practical knowledge benefits everyone by creating an open environment suited for knowledge translation.

Physiotherapist teaching clinician in pt Health mentorship program

How is the program structured?


The mentorship program is comprised of two streams: 

1. Clinical Stream – focuses to improve:

  • Clinical skills (e.g., manual therapy skills, exercise prescription).
  • The transition of academic knowledge into clinical practice.
  • Clinical reasoning skills.
  • Development of clinical patterns and differential diagnoses.
  • Communicating a clinical hypothesis.
  • Prognosis and other indicators of success.
  • Evidence-informed practice.

2. Practice Management Stream – expands on:

  • Caseload management.
  • Appropriate billing practices.
  • Charting practices that meet college guidelines.
  • Verbal and written communication with all stakeholders associated with a private practice.
  • Appropriate use of physiotherapy support personnel that satisfies college guidelines.
  • Business-Practice management.
  • The role of human resources management.

The pt Health Mentorship Steering committee is comprised of a group of well-established physiotherapists. Collectively, they have expertise in manual/manipulative therapy, academia, and college regulations and policies. Our mandate is to establish a well-rounded, nation-wide program. We want to ensure our team of physiotherapists are supported. We want them to gain the confidence and competencies that will allow them to deliver high quality patient care. We intend to develop a community of physiotherapists that are strong leaders who can work with the wider allied health community. Our goal is to ensure the sustainability of our profession for future generations of physiotherapists and patients.

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If this program interests you and you are a recently hired or longer term pt Health physiotherapist and are in good standing with your province’s respective college, please contact us. Please note that applying does not guarantee acceptance into the pt Health Mentorship program. We understand the importance of confidentiality. Rest assured your information will remain private and safe with pt Health.

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