Natasha Trudel physiotherapist at Cole Harbour Integrated Health in Dartmouth Nova Scotia

Physiotherapist Spotlight: Natasha Trudel

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For this spotlight, we’re heading out to the East Coast again! Meet Natasha Trudel, a passionate physiotherapist and clinic team manager at Cole Harbour, located in Dartmouth, Nova Scotia. Find out what it’s like to be a PT in Nova Scotia, what a weekender is and why Natasha starts her day so early!

Name: Natasha Trudel
Education: Bachelor of Science in Physiotherapy at Dalhousie University and Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology at Dalhousie University
Clinic: Cole Harbour Integrated Health Services

Area of focus: Acupuncture, exercise prescription and manual therapy. My primary focus is with assisting clients who suffer from chronic pain and functional impairments achieve short and long term goals to maximize their abilities.

Personal Mantra: “You are entirely up to you!”

What drew you to pt Health originally?
I was initially drawn to pt Health because I had a few colleagues who worked here and really seemed to be having positive experiences! After a few years working for another private practice, there was very little opportunity for growth and I was eager to work in a busy, interdisciplinary environment. After meeting with pt Health management for an interview, I was sold! At that time, it wasn’t often that you could earn an hourly wage as a physiotherapist. This, coupled with the support for continuing education were deal makers for me! After I was hired I had the opportunity to work at our small clinic in the community of Eastern Passage, near where I grew up. It was an excellent introduction to the pt Health framework and living the pt Health values.

What’s your average day like?
My clinical workday starts earlier than most, at 7:00am! Most would cringe at this thought, but it generally allows us to cater to those clients who like to attend treatment before work. I generally treat 20-25 clients per day, with an increased emphasis on clients who are injured at work or those involved in motor vehicle accidents. I also work closely with our Occupational Therapist to manage our functional rehab program, which is designed for clients who require assistance with getting back to work or maximizing their current levels of function. I also have the pleasure of doing aquatic therapy with clients twice weekly in the pool located in our building. In October 2013 I accepted the position of Clinic Director/Clinic Team Manager at Cole Harbour Integrated Health. During this time I have developed many leadership skills and have had the opportunity to participate in company led management training.

How long have you worked at pt Health?
I have worked for pt Health for nearly seven years now…time flies when you are having fun and making clients better at the same time!

What is one of your favourite stories of how you helped a patient?
While in Eastern Passage I met a client who had been involved in a significant motorcycle accident that could have been life threatening. When we met he was recovering from a fractured collar bone that required surgery and had torn his ACL in his knee. Although his knee surgery took some time to undergo, he was one of the most committed clients I have ever treated in a functional rehab program. Myself and the treatment team worked really hard to restore his range of motion, strength, balance and functional abilities over the course of several months. This teamwork, coupled with the client’s dedication, allowed him to return to his pre-accident heavy labour job, to resume motorcycling and enjoying all aspects of life again!

What might someone be surprised to know about you?
I am what they call a “weekender.” This means that, every weekend from May until October, my family and I haul our travel trailer to a different campground to enjoy the great outdoors and visit all of the beautiful sites of Nova Scotia!



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