Virtual Physiotherapy Spotlight: Craig Martell

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Are you looking to continue your rehabilitative treatment while practicing physical distancing and self-isolating?

Good news! pt Health now offers virtual physiotherapy, giving you the opportunity to receive treatment from the comfort of your own home through video conference technology.

Wondering how virtual physiotherapy works? In this Spotlight, we’ll share some first hand information from one of our physiotherapists with you.

Craig Martell, Clinic Team Manager and Physiotherapist at Brighton Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Centre – pt Health has been offering virtual physiotherapy here for the past few weeks.

Today, we’re talking to Craig about his experience with this service so far.

Q: Tell us about the type of treatments you can provide through virtual physiotherapy.

A: I would say that I am able to assess and treat most orthopaedic conditions, including backs, necks, shoulders, elbows, wrists, hips, knees and ankles.

We are able to educate using a multimedia approach, and provide clear and comprehensive home therapeutic exercise programs immediately.

Q: What has the patient experience been like with virtual care?

A: I have received extraordinary feedback from all clients; those that were on my caseload prior to COVID-19 and even brand new patients.

We provide virtual care in a 1-1 experience, which provides an opportunity to progress therapy appropriately; while offering an environment that insures proper technique and postural correction throughout.

Admittedly, I was initially skeptical given the obvious lack of “hands on”, but the experience and outcomes to date have been exceptional and I am very pleased with the medium.

Q: Can you share your favourite story of how you helped a patient with virtual care?

A: I saw a new Achilles Injury client, and was able to assess and treat via virtual care. This intervention included the use of the PRICE principle, the provision of home exercises, and even gait re-education for straight cane use; both on the level and for ascending and descending stairs safely with supervision.

In this case the individual’s wife was also involved in the treatment session to guarantee all safety elements appropriately. This client has attended 3 sessions so far, and was able to get an exercise band to progress to resisted exercise in just 2 short weeks.

He is pleased with the service, and is scheduled to continue attending therapy via Virtual Care. This has been a great outcome thus far, and I now anticipate full and complete recovery.

This illustrates that we need not ALWAYS have the manual or ”hands on” to get complete and effective results!

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