Virtual Physiotherapy Spotlight: Zacharie Bergeron

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Hello, My name is Zacharie and I am a physiotherapist at Cornwall Physiotherapy – pt Health. Welcome to my new home office!

After finally convincing my dog to share his bedroom with me to build an office, Cornwall Physiotherapy – pt Health is now once again welcoming new patients!

That is to say, that we are seeing patients online through our easy to use virtual physiotherapy telehealth platform.

I always say that I like technology, but it doesn’t like me back. If you, like me, are not very tech-savvy, fret not! Joining the telehealth call is as easy as opening an email.

As patients who’ve worked with me before will know, my treatment style revolves mostly around exercise prescription. That is because the prescription of exercises and stretches is the NUMBER ONE tool for physiotherapist’s to get you better and back to your normal self.

Luckily for us, this means that treatment through our virtual platform should be as successful in getting the result you need as an in-person visit.

Worried that you will be missing out on more hands-on treatment? I’ve had a lot of success so far with patients on the virtual platform in teaching them to perform their own manual therapy!

Visit our virtual physiotherapy page to book an appointment today so we can help keep you moving forward!


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