Yes, We Can Direct Bill Your Extended Health Benefits for Physiotherapy

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Another very common question we get from patients planning on booking an assessment at pt Health is whether or not we offer direct billing for Extended Health Benefits.

The answer is yes, we do!

What are Extended Health Benefits? 

Extended Health Benefits (EHB), also sometimes called Extended Health Care (EHC) or major medical benefits, are additional benefits that supplement expenses and services that are not covered by government funding plans. 

They are usually available through your employer, or sometimes you can opt to purchase them yourself through an Extended Health Benefit Plan provider.

Is Physiotherapy covered by Extended Health Benefits? 

Yes, most Extended Health Benefits plans do cover physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractic and other paramedical services. 

However, there is typically a limit for what is covered, and sometimes only a percentage will be covered. 

For example, a plan could cover 80% of a visit for a total of $500. That would mean that you need to pay 20% of the visit cost (referred to as a co-pay) at the time of service, but the remaining 80% would be covered by your EHB.

What else is typically covered by Extended Health Benefits?

Most EHB plans cover a portion of medical, including physiotherapy, massage therapy, orthotics and chiropractic care, dental, vision and prescription drug costs. 

What your specific plan covers is based on what your company has signed up for and can be found by looking at your benefit plan’s online portal, benefits package booklet, or speaking with a representative in Human Resources or at your Extended Health Benefits plan.

Do I need a doctor’s referral to attend physiotherapy?

The majority of plans do not require a doctor’s referral to attend physiotherapy.

Do I need to pay out of pocket for physiotherapy? 

If your plan allows for direct billing (referred to as “assignment of benefits”), then you will not need to pay out of pocket and we can direct bill your insurance company.

Contact Your Local pt Health Clinic to Learn More

If you have any further questions or concerns about direct billing Extended Health Benefits for physiotherapy, please find your local pt Health clinic and contact us today.


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