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Is This Serious? Why is My Pinky Finger Numb?

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It Could Be Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

Many people assume that symptoms of numbness or tingling in the pinky are caused by carpal tunnel syndrome.

However, if you’re experiencing numbness in your pinky finger and half of your ring finger, it could be cubital tunnel syndrome.

Today we’ll address these symptoms, as well as a possible cause and treatment options.

If you’re seeking medical care for your symptoms, find a physiotherapy clinic near you and book an assessment for numbness in the pinky finger today.

Symptoms That Appear With a Numb Pinky Finger

Ever hit your funny bone?

That uncomfortable tingling, numbness, and pain in the little finger, ring finger, and elbow are the symptoms we’re addressing – important, because that numbness in the inside of the hand can develop into pain over time.

Symptoms may be more pronounced:

  • In the morning
  • After repetitive arm movement
  • After having the elbow bent for a long period of time

Have you noticed symptoms of pinky finger numbness and feel concerned? Book an assessment with a physiotherapist near you today.

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Cubital Tunnel Syndrome: A Potential Cause of Numb Pinky Finger

Although there could be any number of causes for numb pinky fingers, a common cause is cubital tunnel syndrome.

Area of pain and numbness

Tapped Ulnar Nerve

Cubital tunnel syndrome is caused when the ulnar nerve becomes trapped.

This nerve travels from the side of the neck passes through the inside of the elbow to the hand. It can become trapped on the inside of the elbow, which is what causes that tingling sensation.

You could be trapping the ulnar nerve at the elbow if you:

  • Sleep with your hand under the pillow
  • Use a computer often
  • Talk on the phone a lot
  • Bend your elbow(s) for long periods of time
  • Rest your elbow(s) on hard surfaces often

If you’re concerned that any of these habits have led to numb pinky symptoms, book an assessment with a physiotherapist near you today.

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Treatments for Cubital Tunnel Syndrome

When caught early, treatment for cubital tunnel syndrome is simple and straightforward with many patients seeing “90% success rate… with[in] 2-3 months”.[i]

Non-surgical, physiotherapy-focused treatments for cubital tunnel syndrome include:

  • Joint mobilizations
  • Neural flossing/gliding
  • Strengthening/stretching exercises
  • Activity modification

If caught and treated early and effectively, you can see an improvement in symptoms within a relatively short period of time.

Book A Physiotherapy Assessment for Numb Pinky Finger 

If you’re concerned about symptoms of a numb pinky and cubital tunnel syndrome, book an appointment with a qualified physiotherapist to get a full assessment and treatment plan in place. No doctor referral needed!*

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