PT Health Awarded Three New Long Term Care Contracts in Grey County

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grey county nursing homesPT Health is pleased to announce the award of three new physiotherapy contracts in Grey County, Ontario. PT Health, a Canadian physiotherapy service, was recently awarded three nursing home contracts in the northernmost region of Ontario, owned and operated by Grey County.

These are government run homes and PT health takes pride in their ability to provide the best of physiotherapy care and services to the residents of Grey Gables, Rockwood Terrace, and Lee Manor.

Administrators at these three nursing homes (better known as long-term care facilities), and PT Health will be able to join forces in providing for the long-term care needs of residents in each of these facilities. PT Health’s goal and focus is to provide physiotherapy care and services that not only reduce injuries to both residents and caregivers, but train individuals in the use of transfer procedures, lifts, and instructing and implementing fall prevention programs. Such services not only help protect residents in such care facilities, but also prevent injuries and lost workdays and productivity to caregivers.

Staff and caregivers located at the facilities in Markdale, Durham and Owen Sound, all in the northern region of Ontario, provide dedicated nursing care, dietary services, therapies, activities, socialization as well as assistance to all their residents in order to increase independence and quality of life.

Physiotherapy services provided by PT Health now offer residents at these three long-term care facilities the best in fitness technology as well as services that include occupational therapy, assisted device programs, massage therapies, enhanced care, and other services to meet the needs of disabled or physically limited individuals in a multitude of scenarios.

PT Health is dedicated to increasing the mobility and independence of residents in such facilities and is proud to offer Canadians of all ages the best in physiotherapy care and treatments.

PT Health appreciates the confidence of regional governments of Ontario placed in them to provide quality and expert care and services to the residents of this region. Joining hands with long-term care facilities to aid to community seniors is the goal of PT Health physiotherapy services throughout the region and the country.


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