New Mesotherapy Program Offered At Austin Ave. and Burnaby Physiotherapy – British Columbia

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burnabymesotherapyAs the new year starts, so does a new service at both Austin Ave Physiotherapy and Burnaby Physiotherapy clinics. Both PT Health clinics now include Mesotherapy to their list of programs and therapies.

Mesotherapy is a nominally surgical and non-painful treatment which identifies problem areas and uses microinjections of vitamins, amino acids, and medicines into the mesoderm or the middle layer of the skin where subcutaneous fat is located.

With Austin Ave Physiotherapy and Burnaby Physiotherapy now offering Mesotherapy, they have expanded their services to cater to needs of many different types of patients. Mesotherapy treatments are performed by their naturopathic physician that involves injection of vitamins to treat chronic pain, psoriasis and other conditions. Mesotherapy has also seen to be effective in spot weight loss. The injections can help break down cellulite as well as boost blood circulation. It is also another treatment used for pain management. Anti-inflammatory drugs are injected to the affected areas thereby speeding up the recovery process and avoid unnecessary pain. Moreover, its application in sports medicine has also developed over the years since it is the favored alternative to local instillation of corticosteroids.

Aside from Mesotherapy, Austin Ave Physiotherapy and Burnaby Physiotherapy also offer orthotics and orthosis.

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